About Us

Provider of Premium Swiss Made timepieces.

 Birthed out of love for gorgeous watches BRUNOKNOX aims to impress and keep you looking fabulous! 

 We believe in providing luxurious watches while creating an awesome experience.  BRUNOKNOX is a combination of two surnames belonging to the owner Charles Knox and his wife Shauna Bruno.  It also serves as a legacy brand for their children to continue the dream.  The dream started when Charles was nine years old of wanting to be a business owner.  He did not know at that time what the business would be. In 2020 that all changed and in 2021 BRUNOKNOX was born.  Quality products that brings the dream to life!  All BRUNOKNOX timepieces are manufactured according to official Swiss Made regulations.  Each watch delivers precise handwork from start to finish. Stay tuned for our future offerings and remember to subscribe to stay in the loop!